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Another Wolfcop

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Another Wolfcop

Synopsis: A month has passed since the eclipse transformed hard-drinking Officer Lou Garou into the crime fighting hellion WolfCop. Although the Shape Shifters controlling the town have been extinguished, Woodhaven is far from returning to normal. Lou’s liquor-fueled antics and full moon outbursts are seriously testing his relationship with Officer Tina Walsh – the new [more…]


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Loud Krazy Love - Poster

DIRECTED BY: Scott Mayo, Trey Hill SYNOPSIS: Thunderous and cathartic, LOUD KRAZY LOVE details the harrowing story of Brian “Head” Welch walking out on one of the biggest music deals in 2005 and one of the biggest bands on earth, Korn, to conquer his devastating habits and demons, find faith, and become a father for [more…]


Natasha takes place over the course of one summer. It is the story of Mark Berman, 16, the son of Russian/Jewish immigrants living in the suburbs north of Toronto. When his uncle enters into an arranged marriage with a woman from Moscow, the woman arrives in Canada with her fourteen year-old daughter, Natasha.

She Never Died

Synopsis: LACEY is a socially detached cannibal cursed with immortality. Being a biblical character, Lacey is not only burdened with everlasting life, but with the haunting memories of thousands of years of monstrous violence. After saving her estranged daughter from her criminal past, Lacey is now a wandering vagabond attempting to keep her supernatural compulsion [more…]